How to avoid issues?

It is vitally important to plan the execution of the worksite in such a manner that the conditions ensure quality. Even thorough planning of construction work conditions will not suffice if the execution is not in accordance with the plan. The significance of effective monitoring is extremely important in modern construction.

How can you monitor conditions at a construction site?

The construction supervisor will primarily monitor the conditions at the worksite to ensure quality. This can be achieved with a wireless remote measuring system. You can make all the measurements with the same measurement case by selecting the necessary sensor types. There are separate sensors, for example, for temperature, moisture, differential pressure, particle concentration and carbon dioxide. You can easily monitor the progress of all the measurements with your computer browser or your smartphone.

How does the system actually work?

You can receive an alert to your mobile phone when action is required. Alerts can be sent to as many people as necessary. Alerts can be used to send information on defects or to announce that the target has sufficiently dried and the surfacing work can commence. You will also be informed of whether the temperature of the worksite has been evenly conducted throughout the site. Excessive heat at a worksite can lead to unnecessary consumption of energy and poor working efficiency. Coldness, on the other hand, lengthens drying time or, at worst, stops the drying. The correct measurement data assists in deciding which procedures are needed in different stages. Lotus helps you monitor the conditions of your worksite. Contact us!