Our project monitoring service is called LotusExtra. The name may not be the most creative solution, but the service certainly is. LotusExtra is far from most extranets that the user forgets soon after their first user experience. The online portal ensures that demolition projects are transparent. It has been developed to be a trailblazer and a homerun for users. The service brings the future of demolition to the present, and it represents the best our field has to offer!

Continuous monitoring – quick and flexible responses

LotusExtra is a good example of how we like to operate: we plan and carry out our demolition projects down to the smallest detail to ensure that we can react to any potential surprises immediately, not later.

This requires a reliable and accurate project management system that helps us meet our standards for quality, environmental responsibility and safety.

The system we use has been built to also provide our customers a real-time view of the construction site’s events. It provides information on the demolition project’s phases, costs, materials and the demolition carbon footprint. We are committed to ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they order and always according to the agreed schedule. 

Information to promote the circular economy

We at Lotus know that developing and improving the circular economy of construction requires goal-oriented measuring and reliable data about demolition, which is exactly what we want to offer both our customers and the entire property and construction industry. We are experts and pioneers in our field, after all.

With LotusExtra, you will always have information on which materials are created during demolition and how much material there is. This gives you completely new opportunities for planning and implementing the reuse and recycling of the materials. We advocate for material efficiency – together with our customers for a more sustainable future! 

Interested in the carbon footprint? We will tell you about it!

LotusExtra is the only project monitoring system in the Nordic countries to calculate the

a demolition project’s carbon footprint. The calculation is certified according to international standards (CEN/TC 350, EN 15804:2012 Sustainability of Construction Works), and it shows what portion of the project’s carbon load comes from work, the materials created during work and material processing, all in fine detail. The carbon footprint calculation offers the customer valuable data about how to best carry out their environmental strategy. It also supports our ability to choose low-emission working methods at Lotus. Most importantly, the environment will thank us. A true win-win-win situation! 

Everything that the unique LotusExtra offers

Contact us to learn more. The content of LotusExtra can be customised to meet your specific needs. 

Petri Uomala
Head Of Marketing and Digital Customer Experience
+358 400 316 061