Lotus – The future of demolition

As a pioneer and market leader in the demolition industry, we strive to develop our operations and activities for the benefit of the entire industry. We have our sights set on the future of demolition and aim at the kind of business in which the customer gains more benefits and increased competitive edge from cooperating with us.

We take particular pride in our project management. In our project planning and implementation, we pay attention to the smallest details to make sure that we can flexibly respond to any unexpected events.

This was the starting point of developing a demolition work procedure for the future, offering our customers a real-time view of the demolition project and its materials, and also the demolition carbon footprint calculation.

This brings direct benefits for the customer. We are committed to ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they order and always according to the agreed schedule. In addition, we understand that in order to promote circular economy in the field of construction and demolition, better demolition data is required. Such data is needed to improve the efficiency of reusing demolition materials. Our customers also expect industry operators to demonstrate their support for the circular economy with concrete actions.

We carry out persistent work to further develop the Lotus project management, because we believe that this will be the key to a better future in demolition. In the future of demolition, as we see it, our transparent, real-time project management and the connected services we are creating will bring increasing benefits to our customers, ensure increasingly sensible recycling and reuse of demolition materials and offer data that illustrates areas of development both for Lotus and the entire industry, for example in the field of material efficiency.

It is time to step into an era of genuinely digitalised demolition and deploy far-reaching visions. We want our new operating model to set a new benchmark for the future of demolition.

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