Asbestos and hazardous material surveys

An asbestos and hazardous material survey takes place by carrying out a non-destructive sensory inspection of the building and taking material samples of materials that are suspected of containing asbestos or other harmful substances. 

A report specifying any asbestos-containing materials discovered is prepared of the survey. The survey report clearly specifies the amount, quality, condition and friability of any asbestos found, as well as the recommendations for action and the urgency of the measures. It also indicates the scope and limitations of the survey, the materials examined, risk assessments on materials not examined, instructions and information on subsequent measures and on the interpretation of the report.

Checklist for asbestos and hazardous material surveys:

  • An asbestos survey is mandatory for all demolition projects, including individual apartments.
  • You must always examine the asbestos content in the material to be removed.
  • The use of asbestos became subject to a permit in 1988 and it has been completely banned as of the beginning of 1994.
  • Asbestos has been used in such elements as jointing and adhesive mortars, glues, fillers, floor coatings, paints, and in HVAC supplies such as tubular insulation.
  • Asbestos may also be found in housing cooperatives’ major building renovation projects, such as plumbing and facade renovations, in HVAC supplies, facade coatings, cladding materials or water insulation materials.

When you are planning a renovation project, ask our specialist to carry out an asbestos survey for you.