Lotus offers a service solution for indoor air quality management. The service enables a controlled extension of a property’s life cycle and eliminates the need for temporary solutions such as the use of substitute premises. The service solution combines three areas of improving air quality: technical measurement, an expert service for improving air quality and a feedback channel for end users.

The service is suitable for a wide range of purposes and it can be used at properties of varying ages. Older properties with identifiable damage, in particular, often require measures to improve air quality. Our solution makes it possible to continue the use of properties with such problems by improving end user perceptions of indoor air quality. The measurement technology and analytics included in the service solution can also be used in monitoring indoor air quality at new properties.

Indoor air monitoring and quality assurance as a service

The service solution provided by Lotus includes the measurement devices and technical equipment that need to be installed at the property. The equipment and related measures are used to improve indoor air quality, and measurement systems are used to monitor development. If deviations in air quality or other conditions are detected, either based on measurements or user feedback, Lotus’s experts will respond to the situation and prepare proposals for improvement.

Our service is beneficial, for example, for:

  • indoor air improvement in schools
  • indoor air improvement in daycare facilities
  • indoor air improvement in offices
  • indoor air improvement in business premises